Who is on your team

These medical professionals can help you as you navigate your multiple myeloma treatment.

Medical oncologist—an MD who specializes in treating cancer with medicine; for those with multiple myeloma, you may see a hematologist-oncologist, who specializes in treating blood cancers

Radiation oncologist—an MD who specializes in treating cancer using radiation

Surgical oncologist—an MD who specializes in treating cancer through surgery

Palliative care doctor—an MD who specializes in preserving quality of life through pain management and symptom relief

Pathologist—an MD who makes the diagnosis and may submit cancer tissue for molecular studies

Radiologist—an MD who may perform MRI studies and nuclear medicine studies

Oncology nurse—an RN who provides care, support and education during cancer treatment

Infusion nurse—an RN who administers medications, such as chemotherapy, through infusions

Nurse navigator—an RN who educates and provides resources you may need during treatment

Psychiatrist/psychologist—a mental health professional who can provide counseling; psychiatrists can also prescribe medication

Social worker—a professional who can help you deal with psychological and social issues, as well as financial concerns

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